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Want the best quality & taste in your beer? You need Diatomaceous Earth

Posted by appliedm on May 8th, 2015 in | 0 comments

How do you make the best beer? Is the ingredients? The hops, the malt, the barley? The recipe? The brewer? The fermenting process? Is it in how you store it? Those are some of the questions that professional brewers from all over the world are asking. And the answer to the question of how to […]

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Sustainability and Diatomaceous Earth

Posted by appliedm on April 8th, 2015 in | 0 comments

An interview with EP Minerals Director of Commercial Sustainability, Andrew Welford   Q: Andrew, you’ve been at EP Minerals now for a few years and are managing lots of interesting sustainability projects and trials all around the world. It’s time we started to pay more attention to what you’re doing, don’t you think? A: Oh, […]

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Recycling ! Diatomaceous Earth Spent Cake

Posted by appliedm on March 17th, 2015 in | 0 comments

  Diatomaceous earth (DE) spent cake from the filtration process,What happens to it? Is it an issue? Is it recyclable?  One of the few “myths” that you may hear about DE is that the spent cake produced in the filtration process is a problem. That it’s not recyclable. That you have to haul it away […]

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