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Applied Minerals distributes a comprehensive range of high quality natural and processed minerals, covering numerous
application requirements. We provide the worlds leading brands of Celatom Diatomite and Celatom Perlite filter powder and mineral fillers, alongside our own minerals
range. Our close supplier partnerships enable us to provide 1st class products with fast and efficient deliveries.

We have a wealth of product knowledge and over 37 year’s experience in the minerals industry, we pride ourselves on our product development and we are confident in
saying we offer the best minerals within the market.

  • Filtration – Many every day products are regularly filtered by diatomaceous earth including; soft drinks, potable water,
    vegetable oils, fruit juices, lager beer and ales, wine, gelatine, pectin and alginates, animal oils, sweeteners (corn, beet and cane), soy sauce and MSG (monosodium glutamate).
  • Absorbent/Spill control/Carrier – Diatomaceous Earth in its granular form is an extremely efficient and cost effective
    absorbent for industrial spills.
  • Building and construction/Insulating – Diatomite and Perlite are used in lightweight screeds combining heat/ sound
    insulation with low construction weight.
  • Growing media/Carrier – Increases water content in the soil, reduces compaction, increases water and firfiltration
    and acts a carrier for herbicides and pesticides.

Many years of feedback from our customers and consultation with packaging suppliers have led to our packaging offerings. We package to ensure hassle
free delivery at cost-effective prices. All of our palletised products are supplied in paper sacks and we also offer deliveries in bulk blower tankers
for blowing directly into customers silos. We stock a huge range of products here in the UK to provide fast and efficient orders.

Please see below all product specifications and please feel free to contact us if you require any Technical Data Sheets or Material Safety Data Sheets for any of our products.

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