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Pumice is a light-coloured cavity laden/pitted igneous rock. It forms through very rapid solidification of a melt. The vesicular texture is a result of gas trapped in the melt at the time of solidification.

Applied Minerals is a major distributor of the highest quality Lava Rock. Our product range includes all the major grades/sizes of Lava Rock/Pumice Stone and it can supply virtually any quantities. We are also able to manufacture customer specific grades to meet any technical needs.

Our Lava Rock is triple screened and washed and then graded to the customers’ requirements.
Pumice is created when super-heated, highly pressurised rock (magma) is ejected from active volcanoes or the fast cooling of lava when it comes into contact with water. The fine “bubbles” within the rock are due to the rapid depressurisation caused by the gases un-solubilising
and then cooling rapidly to create a fine bubble matrix within the rock.

Pumice can vary in colour from almost pure white to grey or deep red and black. It will initially float on water and has an average porosity of up to 90%. As it has no crystalline structure it can be considered a glass and varies in density due to the thickness of the walled material
between the formed bubbles.


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  • AM 30/50P

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