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For almost 100 years, diatomaceous earth filtration has been the foundation for food and beverage processing and it continues to produce extremely high quality filtrates more economically than most technologies.

Many every day products are regularly filtered by diatomaceous earth including; soft drinks, vegetable oils, fruit juices, beer and ales, wine, gelatine, pectin and alginates, animal oils, sweeteners (corn, beet and cane), soy sauce and MSG (monosodium glutamate).

Applied Minerals are the exclusive distributor for Celatom® freshwater diatomaceous earth – an extremely high quality diatomite. Celatom® diatomite has unique properties including internal surface area entrapment, low soluble, particle uniformity and strictly controlled porosity, marking it a leading filter aid, filler, absorbent and carrier.

Celatom® diatomite filter aids are available in a full range of grades and permeabilities to cover all requirements. The lower permeability grades form filter cakes with small pores and produce a high degree of clarification. The higher permeability grades provide greater throughputs with corresponding clarity.

Applied Minerals are sole UK distributors of EP Minerals.

Celatom diatomite

  • is certified according ISO 9001
  • is a quality filteraid, which meets the high requirements for food applications.
  • is stocked into 7 different filter aids for specific selections for each application.

UK Stocked Grades

  • Celatom® FP-1
  • Celatom® FP-2
  • Celatom® FP-22
  • Celatom® FP-3
  • Celatom® FW-14
  • Celatom® FW-60
  • Celatom® FW-80

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