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“Popped” Perlite milled down into a fine powder.

Perlite filter aids are available in a full range of grades and permeability’s. Perilte is functionally similar to diatomaceous earth, however perlite bulk densities are about half that of diatomite. Kilo for Kilo, for certain applications perlite gives up to 20% greater filtering capacity resulting in comparable savings in filter aid usage.

Celatom perlite filter aids do not impart taste or odour to liquids being filtered.
Perlite is used to filter juices, wastewater, beverages and industrial chemicals.

Applied Minerals are distributors of EP Minerals Celatom® perlite

Celatom Pelite

  • is a natural product made from vulcanic minerals.
  • is produced in Europe and USA.
  • is available in 4 different grades.
  • is certified according ISO 9001.
  • is a quality filteraid, which gives a very cost-efficient filtration, if the clarity of the filtrate meets the neccessity of the process is available in 4 different grades.

UK Stocked Grades

  • Celatom® Perlite Filter Aid, CP600E
  • Celatom® Perlite Filter Aid, CP1400E
  • Celatom® Perlite Filter Aid, CP5000E
  • Celatom® Perlite Filter Aid, CP8000E

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