Our Solutions

At Applied Minerals we pride ourselves in understanding each individual customer’s needs and offer solutions to achieve complete customer satisfaction. We offer a first class technical service to accompany our valued customer service experience and commit to delivering cost effective solutions and the highest quality products.

Our experienced technical team assess all aspects of each customer’s needs, to provide the correct solutions we provide anything from Lab Scale trials up scaling to fullscale production based on our product knowledge from years of market experience. We will work closely with our supplier partnerships all over the world to make sure we achieve the correct solutions for all our customers. We commit to offer each customer the highest level of service and knowledge to achieve optimum results.

Lab Scale And Full Scale Trials for Filtration

Our engineers attend customers sites with our lab scale filtration equipment to quickly assess your solids/liquid separation needs, our equipment is independent and does not require connection to your process, ensuring there is no interruption to your production. These laboratory trials produce scale-up data which correlates closely with results obtained in plant production. Our key target is to maximise filtration efficiency and minimise filter powder usage, variables determined are:

  1. 1. Optimum type and grade of filter aid for pre-coat and body feed.
  2. 2. Optimum rates for pre-coats and body feed.
  3. 3. Throughput
  4. 4. Clarity / solids loading of filtrate pre and post filtration
  5. 5. Cycle length
  6. 6. Effect of operating variables of specific concern to the particular customer such as pH, temperature or polymer concentration.
  7. 7. Reducation of losses within the filtration department, e.g. minimise the spent filter powder and your valuable product trapped within the filter cake ending up in landfill.

Advice on cost cutting measures. For example on rotary vacuum filtration systems, optimising the filter powder selection can reduce the depth of cake cut per revolution by the advancing knife, will result in longer filter runs, reduce losses of valuable liquid from your process and lower filter aid usage.

Continuous Monitoring. Our engineers keep in regular contact with our customers to monitor upstream changes in the unfiltered liquid and adapt the filter powder regime as required to ensure filtration remains at optimum clarity and throughput.

New Installations. We can run lab scale trials test to help in the plant design process, then again at plant start-up. This service is also offered for existing installations to ensure optimum regimes are utilised.

Training. We are extremely happy to attend site to consult on the existing filtration system and advise on “filtration best practice”, this often includes filtration operator training.

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