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Filtration is accomplished by forcing liquid under pressure through a cloth or screen (septum). The solids to be filtered may be non-rigid, slimy or colloidal in size and occur in most organic and food products.

Why Use Celatom Filter Powder

Theoretically the liquid should pass through the opening of the filter cloth and the impurities remain on the cloth. In practice, the finer, suspended solids pass through the coarse openings in the cloth and larger particles remain behind to clog the openings, smear the cloth and slow down or, most likely, stop the flow.

In such systems where the filtration resistance is high, unwanted solids can only be removed efficiently and economically by use of filter powder. The filter powder forms a porous layer on the filter septum, which acts principally as a support for this cake / bed. The filter aid is also added into the unfiltered liquid as a body aid, now it is the filter aid that traps the solids to be removed and prevents them from blinding the septum.

Use of filter aid also allows quick and easy cake removal without damage to the cloth.

For use in:

Beverages Oil Pharmaceutical Sugar Potable water Plus lots more please ask


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