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Want the best quality & taste in your beer? You need Diatomaceous Earth

Posted by appliedm on May 8th, 2015 in blog |


How do you make the best beer? Is the ingredients? The hops, the malt, the barley? The recipe? The brewer? The fermenting process? Is it in how you store it?

Those are some of the questions that professional brewers from all over the world are asking.

And the answer to the question of how to make the best beer?

Well, a lot of things are key to the process, but the most important thing in making that awesome blonde Ale or Larger is the filtration process you use to brew your beer. You want an all-natural filter system that produces the finest clarity, taste and quality, and you want to use the highest quality filter aids.

That means DE – diatomaceous earth. Learn more about DE for beer filtration

DE is the 20 million year old glass skeletons of microscopic plants known as diatoms. It makes for the most amazing filter aid for beer because of its structure, high pore volume and low resistance to flow. It’s been used for centuries and by over 90% of the most experienced brewers in the world today because no other filter system can produce the results that DE does. It removes fine particles from beer without affecting the colour, flavour or body.

It’s all natural, flexible and adaptable, letting you adjust your brewing standards to bring out the true personality of your beer. It lets you continue the art of brewing through the filtration process to produce the finest beer possible.

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